About Us


Your FM 104.2 is Bahrain’s premium and only radio station catering to the Asian audience. Your FM’s primary objective is to provide top quality INFOTAINMENT to its listeners in Bahrain and beyond. Led by a team of professionals, Your FM commands a strong position in the market owing to its individuality and exclusivity.

Your FM 104.2 airs INFOTAINMENT 24x7 / 365 days a year with special programs all through the day.

It is an independent station entertaining the Asian audience in Bahrain and Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The channel serves the masses with a variety of programming segments.

Your FM 104.2 daily beams:

• 20 hours of Hindi programming
• 4 hours of Malayalam programming


Ever since its formal launch in June 2012, Your FM 104.2 has evolved into a formidable brand providing a unique blend of music, entertainment and information throughout the day. The channel’s vast listenership provides a strong platform to the advertisers who are increasingly trying to penetrate into the customer psyche and leverage their retail strategies.

At a time when the market-pie is capsizing and proximity to customer is considered sacred, Your FM 104.2, as your business partner, has a unique ability to bring your customers to your doorsteps. Little wonder then, Your FM 104.2 not only INFOTAINS around 500,000 listeners in Bahrain in fact its effects have reached across the border to the Eastern part of Saudi Arabia, whereby additional 500,000 eager listeners tune in to the channel day in day out.

Solutions Driven

At Your FM 104.2 we believe in providing solutions to our clients by working closely with their marketing team. Be it corporate announcements, promoting attractive sales or simply hosting events, we provide top quality solutions through our pulsating promotions, road shows and announcements. We also provide packaged solutions to our esteemed clients starting from conceptualizing, scripting, voice over, recording, remixing and producing the creative for you.

Our strengths include listenership feedback, offer bundling, and spot on announcements. Your FM 104.2 is your ideal platform in an increasingly crowded retail oriented market.

Content Matters

At Your FM 104.2 we have the ability to cut through the clutter by hosting specific programmes for specific customer base. Filtering process can be applied for the callers to ensure more effectiveness.

Programming segments can be developed with specific audience in mind during particular time slots.

Client Opportunities:

  • Corporate Ads
  • Sale offer and related Ads
  • Sponsorships of shows / capsule
  • Contest driven shows
  • Tailor made shows
  • Gratifications during shows
  • Road shows